What is a LIM Report? – in brief

What is a LIM report?

A LIM is a Land Information Memorandum, commonly referred to as a “LIM report”.

A LIM report is issued by the local council for the area in which the property is located and contains information the Council holds about to the property.  The information which has to be included is prescribed by Section 44A of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

This information includes:

  • Potential erosion, subsidence, slippage, inundation (flooding) or the likely presence of hazardous contaminants;
  • the location of private and public stormwater drains on the property, if any;
  • rates owing on the land;
  • any consent, certificate, notice, order or requisition affecting the land or any building on the land;
  • any certificate issued by a building certifier pursuant to the Building Act 1991;
  • the use to which the land may be put and conditions attached to that use;
  • information notified to the authority by any statutory organisation having the power to classify land or buildings for any purpose, eg designation by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust under the Historic Places Act 1993;
  • information notified to the authority by any network utility operator such as the electricity supply authority, or gas or petroleum corporations, pursuant to the Building Act.

New Zealand is a nation of DIY and unfortunately many Property Vendors do not obtain the appropriate consents from the Council before completing any alterations or additions regardless of whether they are internal or external to their properties.

One of the main advantages of the LIM report is that it shows a buyer all the building consents and certificates issued for the property by the local council. This is important because if for example the property has a fire place or a pool that is not mentioned in the LIM report as having a building consent or code compliance certificate issued, then this means the local council did not give permission to build it and has not approved it.

How to obtain a LIM report

A LIM report is available from the local council responsible for the area in which the property is located. Anyone can make a request for a LIM, not only someone who is interested in purchasing the property or obtaining a security over the property. This is helpful to a prospective buyer wishing to know more about a property without having to make a formal offer to the vendor.

Each local council will have its own set application form and fee and in some cases there will be a different fee depending on whether or not the particular property is a residential property or a commercial property.

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