Trady or tradie ? Aussie or Kiwi ?

maxresdefaultWhat is a Trady? you ask and is it the same as a Tradie? Are Tradies just many Tradie?

I like to collect words from building sites, and one word that I think is becoming more common is Trady, aka The Tradesman. You know when you hear people mention a group of them, well we drop the “y” and add “ies” for Tradies. I guess there may also be Tradie, but I was taught to drop the Y and add IES. Trady or tradie ? Maybe its a regional variation from our Australian brothers and sisters? Aussie or Kiwi ? In the South Island I have seen Tradie used, albeit hand painted on a Morris Ute. What’s the opinion on the fact that Australians are dropping the Y off Trady, and adding IES for Tradies?? I had never heard of a trady or a tradie, until we worked a large smart wiring install and the Australian project Manager addressed us all as Tradies. Here at Watts Up we aren’t sure if this word is listed in any dictionary, with either spelling. As far as I can see its probably widely used in Australia (search for tradie in the index turns up “about 122” results). So I guess a tradie is a tradesman; specifically, a craftsman in the building or electrical trades. Here is a good example. “There is a great shortage of tradies in Christchurch they say. Construction can take a long time. While waiting in line for the insurance payouts many tradies have died on the vine.” *Note I use the Y but use “ies” in the plural. If you are still wondering what the word tradesman means and what they do, we found 33 dictionaries that include the word tradesman:

Please send in the words you have heard a tradesman called, nothing too rude because this is a family friendly site.

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