Tom Gallagher

Lead Hand – Watts Up Electrical Limited

pink camera 316Born : Auckland NZ
Languages: English
Likes: Driving, Climbing, Music
Dislikes: Wet days, Unrestrained Goats, Blue M&M’s
Focus: Smart Cabling, Home Safety, Wiring.
Special Skills: Steep Driveways and small crawl spaces.

Tom is :

  • Reliable and Quick
  • Good at following detailed instructions
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Good with security systems
  • Careful and tidy
  • Polished planning skills

Tom is an apprentice electrical contractor. He is a keen student of the changing safety standards and closing in on the end of his time. As Lead Hand at Watts Up for several years he has grown into a specialist in smart wiring and control systems for Home theatre. Tom prides himself in finding the best solution for the job. If you have a query about any of the above contact Tom Here.

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