The Official Tangled Cable Appreciation Page


For some reason, Cliff Pickover loves photos of complex, colorful cabling. It’s my worst nightmare. To me cables should be neat, tidy, and well laid in cable trays.

The cabling speaks to me. It tells me something about art, technology, and the wonderful mind of humankind. But these images of tangled cables remind us of the intricacy of our brains and the awesome promise of tomorrow.

Choatic array

Nothing can match the chaotic array of knots on these Vietnamese power poles.

 knots power poles.cable-vietnam

More crazy knots on these Vietnamese power poles.

Cabling allows us to transcend our space and access theĀ internet, download music, movies and books. The cables keep our homes secured to monitored alarms and cables connect us to our favourite places like the sauna, the spa or just in front of the game console. So don’t get in a tangle, call us for all your electrical cabling.

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