Save Money on Your Energy Bill – Go Solar

Did you know? The average homeowner saves over $1000 a year on electricity by installing solar panels on their roof. That’s including the cost of solar panels.

d2580bc3-ce3d-4604-bf75-11e98d3e5b2cThe most common way to go solar today is by leasing, which essentially means instead of paying the ut
ility you pay less to produce your own energy. (Citations: NZ Solar Living)At Watts Up Electrical we are experts at installing the solar power system that is right for you. Check out some of our previous solar installations. For more information about solar power and making your own power read our series of blogs on  Solar Power systems, we figure out who is talking sense and who is not. From the Utility companies tariffs to warranties to what goes into making up the whole system.


Here are Watts Up’s Solar Tips and Links   

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  5. Solar Hot Water (Solar Thermal) Systems
  6. Solar Power Frequently Asked Questions

Until you are ready to go Solar and take your power consumption into your own hands you can do a few small things that add up to saving you big money on your energy bills.

Here are Watts Up’s Energy Saving  Tips and Links   

  1. 11 Energy Saving Things to make your Home Cheaper to Run.
  2. Shop Around. What are the costs of changing supplier?
  3. Smart meters and Standby mode – Myths and Legends of Power Saving
  4. The History of Insulation in New Zealand and how do your own house.
  5. Passive Thermal Systems
  6. Energy Saving Frequently Asked Questions

You may also be interested in some of the new LED lighting systems. LED lights are perfect for domestic living areas and will save on your energy bill.

Read more about LED lighting here.

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