Traditional Villa Renovation

Job: Renovation of Traditional Villa.

Electrical Work: Rewiring and new fuse board


Older houses need tender loving care, and their hidden electrical wiring is no different. As a house ages, wiring can wear out for many reasons and, as such, should be inspected by a qualified electrician every so often. Five of the most important electrical wiring warning signs are breakers or fuses that go out regularly; dimming and flickering lights; buzzing, charred, or discolored outlets or switches; an unexplained burning smell; or outlets and switches that give mild to severe electrical shocks when using them. These common signs should be learned and checked for regularly to ensure that a house has an electrical system that is functioning normally. We also took the opportunity to future proof the house and provide full Home Theatre functionality to the screen in every room from a central system based on streaming video and audio from the Apple TV.

Have an electrician inspect your home’s wiring as soon as possible. Dan and the team will be happy to answer your questions or organise a site visit to evaluate the wiring in your house.