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Traditional Villa Renovation

Job: Renovation of Traditional Villa. Electrical Work: Rewiring and new fuse board ...

What our clients say...

Energy-Efficiency-MainDan was fantastic at advising us on the electrical renovation of our seaside 1950’s bach. Now with the low voltage lighting system our monthly power bill is 17% less.

– Mr & Mrs Bilek -

Trady or tradie ? Aussie or Kiwi ?

What is a Trady? you ask and is it the same as a Tradie? Are Tradies just many Tradie? I like to collect words from building sites, and one word that I think is becoming more common is Trady, aka The Tradesman. You know when you hear people mention a group of them, well we drop the […]

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LED Lighting

Eleven Reasons why you should be converting to LED lights

Converting to LED lights: Watts Up Electrical are experts in converting homes to LED lighting. Over the next few months we will be posting everything you need to know about LED lights and converting from traditional halogen. I’m 100% LED now – I recommend converting to LED lighting fixtures for all my domestic and commercial […]

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How does bad wiring cause fire?

Bad wiring causes fires and in many cases people lose their most valuable asset because they ignored the safety of the electrical systems in their house. The easiest step you can take in reducing the risk of electrical fires, is to avoid overloading your home’s electrical circuits.    Each circuit in your home is only […]

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The Official Tangled Cable Appreciation Page

For some reason, Cliff Pickover loves photos of complex, colorful cabling. It’s my worst nightmare. To me cables should be neat, tidy, and well laid in cable trays. The cabling speaks to me. It tells me something about art, technology, and the wonderful mind of humankind. But these images of tangled cables remind us of […]

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Is your home safe?

Do the Watts Up Electrical Home Safety Test Are you confident about your home’s electrical safety and wiring? The condition of your electrical systems can deteriorate over time, which can result in serious problems and endanger the safety of your home.If you answer yes to any of the below questions, submit the form and we […]

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