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Sparkies, electricista and elektrikar.

More slang terms for tradesmen who specialise in electrical work. I’m always keen to hear the names people call electricians, I have made a effort to start recording some of these words and terms in a effort to expand my vocabulary. Here are a few more terms. If you have any interesting names or slang […]

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What are the slang terms for tradesmen?

I hear a few slang terms for tradesmen around the sticks. Electricians are known as “sparkies”, carpenters are “chippies” and brick layers are “brickies” “Painters”.. Scaffolders are “Scaffs”, Ground-Workers are “Ground-Hogs”, Site-Labourers are “Labradors”. I have heard the Storeman called “Norman-Boreman, Foreman-Storeman” and the Higher-Ups (developers, bankers and property owners) who occassionally ‘Royal-Visit’ (causing a […]

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Energy Saving Hints – Water

Here are some hints for improving your homes energy efficiency and saving you money. Whatever hot water system you have, here are some simple ways to reduce your energy use. It is not just about energy savings. When your water use is metered, every litre you save – be it hot or cold – saves you money. Water flow rate Ease […]

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