Nicola Stappers

Office Manager –  Watts Up Electrical Limitedkangaroo-kiwi

Born : Nelson NZ
Languages: English
Likes: Travel, Flying, The Beach.
Dislikes: Cold mornings, Power Cuts, Fur Balls
Focus: Office Management, Accounts and Customer services
Special Skills: Telephone wrangling and brews a mean cup of tea.

Nicola is :

  • Practical
  • Good at following detailed instructions
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Good with detail and accounts.
  • Careful and precise
  • Polished customer service skills


Nicola has extensive experience with managing an electrical contractor. She always has one eye on client satisfaction and the other on safety standards. Nicola has been managing Watts Up for several years and has helped the company grow into a specialist in smart wiring and control systems for Home theatre. Nicola prides herself in finding the best resolution for the customer.  If you have a query about your account with Watts Up contact Nicola Here.

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