Electrical Gifts for Children – Be Safe

Giving of gifts to family and friends is a time-honoured tradition. Watts Up cares for family safety so when selecting electrical gifts for children, it is important to keep a few safety-focused tips in mind.

Watts Up Kid Gifts• Electrical toys and other electrical devices intended for use by children can be extremely hazardous if improperly used or used without proper supervision.

• An adult should supervise the use of any electrical product. Consider both the maturity of the child and the nature of the toy when deciding how much supervision is required.

• Do not buy an electrical toy, or any toy, for a child too young to use it safely. Always check the age recommendation on the package. Remember that this is a minimum age recommendation. The buyer must still take into account an individual child’s capabilities.

• Never give any child under ten years old a toy that must be plugged into an electrical outlet. Instead, choose toys that are battery-operated.

Watts Up Kids Gifts 2• Make sure all electrical toys bear a fire safety label from an independent testing laboratory.

• Read the instructions accompanying the product carefully, and then review them with any child who will be using the product.

• Inspect all electrical toys periodically. Repair, replace, or discard deteriorating toys.

• Don’t allow children to play with electrical toys near water, and make sure they understand that water and electricity don’t mix.

• All electrical toys should be put away immediately after use in a dry storage area out of the reach of younger children.

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