Daniel Jackman

pink camera 417Head Electrician
Watts Up Electrical Limited

Born : Auckland NZ
Languages: English/Some German
Likes: Surfing, Fishing, Family Values
Dislikes: Road Works, Fishing, Blue Cheese
Focus: Home Theatre Installation, Smart Wiring and LED Lighting systems.
Special Skills:  For the last 12 years has been specialising in custom-designed dedicated home theatres. Designs theatre room, custom screen wall and furniture, lighting layouts, prepares all required plans, details, and specifications. Offers a turn-key service.  Has a vast network of contacts (retail, contractors, and suppliers). Enjoys challenging projects which have budget constraints or fast track schedules. Dan excells at installations that require a design impact.

Daniel is :

  • Practical
  • Good at following detailed instructions
  • Adaptable
  • Good with both heights and confined spaces
  • Careful and precise
  • Polished customer service skills
  • An analytical and mathematical mind

Dan is permanently based in Mt Albert, Auckland.  He has extensive experience with all levels of commercial and domestic electrical systems and safety standards. Dan also has extensive experience in consultation and installation of solar panels and power systems, and is an expert in finding green solutions for commercial electrical projects. Dan has been running Watts Up for almost a quarter century and before that had several years general experience, principally as a general electrician. He has specialised in smart wiring and control systems for Home theatre, burglary alarms and other electrical systems.

Dan prides himself in finding commercial sensible ways to resolve complex problems. If you are interested in Home Theatre systems read some of Dan’s reviews and articles as he is passionate about delivering his clients a great Home Theatre experience. In recent years Dan has built up a client following in the areas of electrical solutions for renovating classic homes and installing modern lighting and wiring.

Daniel Jackman
Consultant & Lead Electrician
Call Daniel : +64  021 662 054  to get Watts Up Electrical on the job

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