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Trady or tradie ? Aussie or Kiwi ?

What is a Trady? you ask and is it the same as a Tradie? Are Tradies just many Tradie? I like to collect words from building sites, and one word that I think is becoming more common is Trady, aka The Tradesman. You know when you hear people mention a group of them, well we drop the […]

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Sparkies, electricista and elektrikar.

More slang terms for tradesmen who specialise in electrical work. I’m always keen to hear the names people call electricians, I have made a effort to start recording some of these words and terms in a effort to expand my vocabulary. Here are a few more terms. If you have any interesting names or slang […]

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What are the slang terms for tradesmen?

I hear a few slang terms for tradesmen around the sticks. Electricians are known as “sparkies”, carpenters are “chippies” and brick layers are “brickies” “Painters”.. Scaffolders are “Scaffs”, Ground-Workers are “Ground-Hogs”, Site-Labourers are “Labradors”. I have heard the Storeman called “Norman-Boreman, Foreman-Storeman” and the Higher-Ups (developers, bankers and property owners) who occassionally ‘Royal-Visit’ (causing a […]

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