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Electrical Gifts for Children – Be Safe

Giving of gifts to family and friends is a time-honoured tradition. Watts Up cares for family safety so when selecting electrical gifts for children, it is important to keep a few safety-focused tips in mind. • Electrical toys and other electrical devices intended for use by children can be extremely hazardous if improperly used or […]

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What is a LIM Report? – in brief

What is a LIM report? A LIM is a Land Information Memorandum, commonly referred to as a “LIM report”. A LIM report is issued by the local council for the area in which the property is located and contains information the Council holds about to the property.  The information which has to be included is prescribed by Section […]

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LED Lighting systems

LED Lighting There are so many LED lighting systems available it is important that you choose the right one for your house. Indoor or outdoor LED lighting will enhance your living environment and add value to your property. LED lighting is fast becoming the market choice more commonly used in aesthetic, effect or specialty lighting […]

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